(from April 16, 2024)

Due to the fact that many companies cannot take part in the exhibition in June, a decision was made to postpone the 18th Moscow International Exhibition “
Accurate measurements - the basis of quality and safety / MetrolExpo-2024” to the autumn. In the near future we will inform you about the new dates and location of the exhibition. Follow the news on the website.

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Leading Russian companies and reliable foreign partners traditionally will take part in the exhibition, which will present new developments in the field of instrumentation: measuring instruments and metrological support, instrumentation and automation, control and diagnostics, testing and analytical equipment.

The related topics of the sections of the exhibition will allow visitors to get a unique opportunity to promptly search for solutions to a wide range of issues related to equipping and modernizing their own measuring base and means of its metrological support.

Taking into account external challenges and limitations, the system of contacts with manufacturers of measuring instruments and metrological support built over the years has been seriously violated. It is extremely important today to strengthen regional cooperation and establish contacts with reliable foreign suppliers.

The organizers plan to bring together more than 3,000 specialists at one venue. Everyone who takes part in the events of MetrolExpo-2024 will have the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings and direct dialogues.

One of the main tasks of the exhibition is to popularize the activities of the metrological services of industrial enterprises and the profession of a metrologist, as well as to demonstrate their contribution to the economic efficiency and enterprise quality management system.

A youth day is planned as a part of the exhibition. This is a series of open events for students of higher educational institutions preparing to become metrologists, held to bring together future professional staff and employers.

MetrolExpo includes not only an exhibition exposition, but also an extensive congress program aimed at supporting the quality and safety of technological processes and finished products.

The business program of the exhibition is an authoritative all-Russian conference in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements, where representatives of the scientific and technical community, business and state institutions discuss the current problems facing the Russian industry. The business program is held on the basis of leading metrological and research institutes, as well as higher educational institutions.

The participants of the exhibition traditionally will have access to the All-Russian competition program "For the unity of measurements" to obtain the Gold medals of the exhibition. Measuring instruments, test, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, which, according to the results of the examination, have confirmed high metrological characteristics, are awarded the Gold Medal and the exhibition diploma, as well as the right to use the image of the medal when marking the product or its certificate.

The exhibition is designed to become a powerful launching pad for the revival of domestic instrumentation for economic security and the future development of the country.

We are confident that with the assistance of Rosstandart, in 2024 the MetrolExpo exhibition will bring together specialists in the instrument-making industry, will enhance the

economic efficiency of the marketing budgets of enterprises invested in the exhibition, and the active promotion of measuring instruments and metrological support in key industries.

For participation in the exhibition with a stand, please contact the exhibition management.

Attendance at all events of the exhibition is free of charge, by prior registration on the official website.

Registration for visitors will be available from September 1, 2024.

Detailed information about the exhibition you can find on the website:

Contact details of the exhibition management:

Tel.: +7-495-937-40-23



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